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Looking for Work?

You’re more than just a resume.

Your body of work is important. Industry expertise, proven record of success and a clear pattern of career progression all put you on the fast track to a rewarding life science or healthcare career. But sometimes it takes more to achieve success. That’s where EQ Search comes in. Whether you’re looking for Pharma jobs in NJ, Biotech jobs in MA, or Life Science consulting jobs in NYC, EQ Search will help you along the way.

Talk to us.

Help us determine the company culture where you will thrive.
  • NWould you like to work in an entrepreneurial startup company?
  • NIs a large, established manufacturer what you had in mind?
  • NDo you prefer managers who take a team approach to projects?
  • NAre you more comfortable with a hands-off management style?

We know that there are as many different personalities for job seekers as there are company cultures. We will help you find the opportunity that’s right for you.


We operate at a deeper level.

At EQ Search, we take a holistic approach to recruiting. We get to know your goals, interests and personality and connect you with opportunities where you will thrive. And we’ll even provide career and job search coaching if you need it.

Wondering what EQ is all about?

Learn more about EQ’s name and how EQ informs our unique and strategic approach to recruiting.

I would not call EQ Search a typical client-search firm relationship. It is more like having your own talent acquisition team that thinks before they present someone to us. That’s what sets them apart.

Best-in-class life science and healthcare recruiting custom tailored to your organization.

I would not call EQ Search a typical client-search firm relationship. It is more like having your own talent acquisition team that thinks before they present someone to us. That’s what sets them apart.

President & CEO of Biopharma Consulting Firm

We work in true partnership with EQ Search – they work hard to develop a thorough understanding of our needs, skills gaps, strategy and culture in order to source a diverse yet relevant range of candidates. They work equally well with us to manage candidates successfully through the recruitment process.

Human Resources Manager of Biopharma Consulting Firm

Chris and the team at EQ Search have been very helpful in recruiting for the company I work with. He has been a pleasure to work with and he has been diligent in finding the right people for the specialized positions we need. He is extremely professional, hardworking, and very competent.

C-Level Officer of Biotechnology Company

We have been working with EQ for a few years and we are very happy with the results. EQ Search takes the time to get to know you and your business, and does not waste time blindly throwing a bunch of resumes over the fence.

President & CEO of Life Science Consulting Firm

I’ve been working with EQ Search for 18 months to help us find consultants across all levels who have a specialty expertise in the pharmaceutical/life science industry and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them.

Talent Acquisition Manager of Life Science Consulting Firm

We have a talent-centric business where our talent represents the primary asset that we have. As we look to execute on our ambitious growth plans, our #1 area of focus is on attracting and retaining the best of the best. EQ Search knows our business, what we look for and even challenges our thinking when necessary. Simply put – they ‘get it.’

Head of North America, Global Consulting Services

We have worked with EQ Search for about two years now, and in that time, they have become an indispensable member of my team. This partnership results in higher quality results, with less time investment. EQ Search has been and will continue to be my go-to partner to help us build a leading consulting organization.

Global Head of Commercial Strategy, Consulting Division

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